Challenge your potential

Passion for teamspirit

As a tophockey coach I have found my passion in igniting teamspirit. I believe that every individual or team is unique and capable of self development. The key to creating a performance flow is to improve the existing social dynamics. Challenge your own interactions with a group, somebody else and yourself to have a more positive impact on the people and the world around you.

Beat your interactions

Together we accelerate your development process by creating direction and goal focus. Everybody gains insights in their current situation, talents and challenges. Change your experience by learning to listen to your conversations, especially the one with yourself. Beat your own interactions game, find freedom to be yourself and create more succes, joy and happiness.

Ready for a challenge?

In both business and sports I offer coaching for individuals, teams and leaders. The latest trends of performance training and sport psychology are translated into playful sessions for daily life. With a personal approach and in recognizable language we aim for a real change. Invest in yourself and create a performance flow, teamspirit or leadership presence.

Which game needs change?

Which situation needs change?